BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A win's a win, I guess ...

Well ... I won that Pokemon TV Animation case of cards for Daughter #2 ... unfortunately, this one ended up going for ten bucks more than the last one I was watching and just missed (and went with a single bid). This was the auction I'd done all that research on the other bidder. Unfortunately, somebody else started bidding on it a few hours before close, which caused the gal with the initial bid to start bidding up the total. Frankly, by the time I got around to bidding (with less than two minutes remaining) it was already higher than what I'd hoped to be my maximum bid. If the other guy hadn't jumped in, I'm pretty sure I would have gotten this for a good $8 less than I did, as the gal followed the bidding pattern I'd seen on other auctions she'd won, and I could have come in with a couple of minutes remaining and grabbed it. As it was, my initial bid was under her high bid, but I was able to figure where she was and come in with a second bid sufficiently above that to snag it with about 24 seconds remaining. While it was not the "deal" I'd hoped for, I did manage to get the case of cards for #2, and at a price with shipping that was still less than the lowest retail (plus shipping) that I'd been able to find ... at a rate of about 58¢ per pack!

Go me, eh? Now both of The Girls will have Pokemon packs to dig into on Xmas.

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