BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Ooh ... fun game!

Got turned on to this by mightyrighty ... it's called "What's That Song?" and they play a 30-second snippet of a song and you have to guess which it is out of four choices. Some are easy (the clip has the title in it), some are hard (funky live versions of tunes you'd otherwise know, or a b-side from some obscure collection, or some freaky re-mix), but if it's a fave band, it's fun to play! Here's how I did on some:

Joy Division - 10/10

Dead Kennedys - 8/10

Jefferson Airplane - 10/10

Jethro Tull - 9/10

Electric Hellfire Club - 6/7

Sex Pistols - 10/10

Type O Negative - 8/10

Sisters Of Mercy - 9/10

The Stooges - 9/10

Led Zeppelin - 9/10

Patti Smith - 10/10

Ramones - 10/10

I don't know where their database comes from (they do have links out to Amazon to sell you the albums), but in some cases they only have ONE album (in the case of Electric Hellfire Club, just Unholy Roller) making the game shorter and more repetitive (I'm sure if I re-took that one I'd get a perfect score, just from learning the differences between re-mixes!). On the flip side, some (like Jethro Tull) include a bunch of compilations, live albums, and special collections, making it easy for even a serious fan to not know a particular cut.

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