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And here's #2 ...

So, this was written sitting in McDonald's having a Big Breakfast. Already things were screwed up (the truck was across town instead of at the U-Haul location that I had to walk past to get to breakfast), even to the extent of McDonald's being out of those little half-and-half containers for the coffee (OK, so I take my "cosmic signs" where I find them). As folks familiar with my writing know, I take some measure of comfort in the Mahabharata's depiction of the battle at Kuruksetra where Prince Arjuna is struck by the horror of the coming battle where it is certain that vast numbers of his extended family (on both sides) will be slaughtered, and is hesitant to allow it to occur. His charioteer is, of course, Krishna, who (in essence) tells him "hey, you're a Warrior ... going to war is your function ... get over it!" ... I have often taken this thread in buying ads for Eschaton or doing promos for my Network Marketing business that I was feeling less than confident in from that general "I'm fucked" standpoint ... i.e. there are a lot of situations where you'd rather not DO what you pretty much HAVE TO do, but if you're going to BE what you ARE you still have to DO them. Thus the references in here.

                    CAN'T SEE NO KRISNA COMING

                    from unsteady starts
                    into motion
                    plans already
                    compromised ...
                    is this all
                    that will go wrong now
                    or just the theme
                    becoming clear?

                    as Arjuna
                    we must face this,
                    a daunting task
                    which now demands
                    our action to obey;
                    we fear its lines,
                    the looming threat,
                    the unknown at each turn

                    we seek anger
                    as an escape
                    and dread the drift
                    that leads to sleep;
                    but none of this
                    will function here,
                    we must find vectors
                    to unswerving flow

                    too many myths appear
                    embedded in the grid;
                    we hear the echos
                    of future days unseen
                    or perhaps crosstalk
                    from another path
                    that hopefully won't be
                    the envelope's collapse

                    and so into
                    this fate we step
                    with fear and doubt
                    and anguished pain,
                    hoping that the funhouse ride
                    will simply exit
                    at the other side
                    with awaiting souvenirs

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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