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Some days you see an auction and figure "Hey, there's no way I'm going to with that!" becuase it's for a particularly valuable card and the starting bid is low and you "just know" that some card store is going to snap that up and turn around and sell it for a tidy profit. And then some days you're wrong. This was one of those latter days.

Three "ex" cards were up with starting bids of $0.99 on each, and, remarkably, 2 of the 3 had only one bid in on them. I did my research, figured out the "street price" for the cards, set my parameters, and watched, and waited. With under 2 minutes to go, the first two still just had the one bid, I guessed where the bidder was on them and hit with something higher with under 1 minute left ... got both of those by a quarter over the other guy, but still under my max. On the third there'd been some action, about five bids, but the card in question was pricey even on the cheap site. I looked at how the bids had gone to that point and made another guess at what the current high bidder had gone in for. I bid, again with under a minute left and held my breath that I wasn't up against a quick-responding bot. Well, my read of the bid pattern was right, and I won that by three cents.

All in all, I got Daughter #1 some fine cards (yeah, these will be in the Xmas stocking!) for $7.55 ... which would have cost $23 at the low site, $33 at the middle site, and $65 at the [they must be] high site. Hmmm ... does that make eBay Goldilocks?

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