BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

The other sort of eBay day ...

The other day, rather by accident, I ended up winning 3 cards for bids that were a bit higher than I would have preferred (the cards came in at about 1/3rd of "low retail") due to some exploratory bidding (I found that X bid topped on one and then went that way with the other two ... fully expecting that I was going to be beat on them), and have been trying to win a couple more cards from that seller to minimize the shipping charges (they'll ship up to five cards for one shipping charge) per-card. My goal was to pull in two more cards for a buck or less. This particular seller starts all their auctions at a penny, so if the traffic is light, this is quite do-able. Unfortunately, the past couple of days seem to have been "card shop re-stock days", as I've been up against what seem to be (from their eBay IDs) various card/game shops (and some other eBay dealers).

This is the flip side of those wins I wrote about a few posts back ... while I tried on about a dozen cards, I was blown out of the water by guys who could (obviously) go up to very close to "low retail", and then turn around and sell the card at "high retail" in a brick-and-mortar setting. (sigh) There are a few more 1¢ cards that Daughter #1 needs coming up from these guys tomorrow, so I guess I'll give it another shot. It's so hard predicting when the low-traffic times are ... but, come on, I'm only asking for two of these to go at a buck or less!

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