BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, and speaking of Pokemon/eBay ...

I got screwed on an order. I'm hoping that it's an "honest mistake", but this one auction (which, admittedly, I won for 99¢ ... a total of $2.99 with shipping) was for two holographic cards, a holo Neo Genesis Skarmony (#13/111) and a holo Team Rocket Dark Charizard (#4/82) ... while the Skarmony card was there, it was accompanied by a rare Dark Charizard (#21/82) rather than the holo.

Not a big deal? Well ... I'm thinking the guy might be trying to pull one over on me, assuming that I might not know or appreciate the difference in what he sent vs. what the auction was (explicitly) for. Even on the "low retail" site, the holo card is worth $20.00 ... while the rare is just $6.00 ... a substantial difference if he's thinking he got a raw deal on that going for the minimum!

Now, I do feel a little bad about this ... after all, the combined price for the two cards (plus shipping) on the "low retail" site would be $27.00 and I won them for $2.99 ... but he set the minimum (and wrote a crappy auction description), so it's not like I cheated him in being the only bidder! I wrote a note to him today pointing out "the mistake" and being very clear that I knew the difference between a holo 4/82 and a rare 21/82, and that since the auction was explicitly for the HOLO card, that I expected to get that card. I mean, I hate to be a hard-ass, but I'm getting the vibe here that he was trying to get away with sending me the less valuable card, hoping I wouldn't notice!

I've only had to write to sellers a couple of times (one time the auction was for a reverse holo and they sent the more-valuable holo, and in that case they told me to keep the holo and then sent me the reverse holo!), and have so far not had to report anybody to eBay (although I did imply I would in one case, where the seller was sending out counterfeit packs of cards). I hope this guy makes good on this without a fight ... since I would hate to have to be unpleasant over a $2.99 transaction!

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