BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

One good thing ...

OK ... so things have sucked bad of late (hell, I can't even get my new I-Zone digital camera going since my computer has decided that it can't read from the CD drive) but ONE GOOD THING happened. I'd ordered a copy of the fairly obscure post-Jefferson Airplane project by Paul Kantner and Grace Slick (with David Freiberg) Baron VonTollbooth and the Chrome Nun ... I had been poking around looking for some info on something else and found this at AlphaCraze for $10. Unfortunately, it had SUPPOSEDLY been delivered a week ago and I had been having the guys in the package room (I live in a high-rise with 660 units ... so there is a place where incoming stuff ends up) searching for this all over. Somehow it ended up in my mailbox today (probably got put in the wrong box last week). I had probably not listened to this album in 15 years ... quite a trip down memory lane ... the album was originally from 1973.

Most notable for the classic Kantner sci-fi ballad "White Boy" it also features the folk/revolutionary gem "Flowers of the Night" penned by Steelwind's Jack Traylor, plus a couple of numbers that serve to remind why I was madly in love with Grace Slick at one time. Wheee! Gee, sometimes its fun to make believe it's still the early 70's!

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