BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Sniper bots ...

Did I mention how much I HATE sniper bots?

Now, admittedly, today, in this case, *I* was not cut out from a win by a sniper bot (I had to leave to pick up Daughter #1 so wasn't able to "manage" the bids and had been eclipsed by another, aparrantly live, bidder before the bot arrived) but two of the three things I was bidding on were snapped up by the same bot, one with 4 seconds to go and one with 5 seconds to go, I'm sure to the great irritation of the gal who'd out-bid me on those two!

Using these sniping programs is very much like baseball players using "undetectable" steroids, etc. ... you may be able to DO it, but it's still cheating!

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