BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

It was spam-dump day today!

My Outlook Express reads several in-boxes for me, so it fills up with spam very quickly ... I probably get nearly 100 a day ... I usually let that shit sit in the deleted items folder until the counter (reflecting unread messages) creeps over 5,000 ... it's such a nice feeling to flush that sucker out ... a big "fuck you" to all the spam merchants out there. I'm down to about 1 "real" e-mail in about 20 things in the in-box ... and most of that is my LJ comment mail.

I would love to be able to round up the spammers and put their hands through meat grinders in public displays ... after first breaking every bone in the hand and wrist with mallets and running it through a mill a few times. That would be fun!

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