BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

What a day ... and it ain't over yet

Whew ... I got what I thought was all the stuff going to my Brother's family for Xmas boxed up and ready to go last night, and this morning The Wife and I were going to pack up the stuff for her side and get all that (in the original plan) to the post office (our local branch is open on Sundays) when they opened at 9am. Unfortunately, all the stuff for my nieces that The Wife got (which I'd thought was going direct) appeared about 8am, and I had to get all that wrapped and packed, plus packing a big box with stuff for The Wife's sister, her husband, and two of her sons, and then a couple of more boxes for another nephew and my father-in-law. We ended up with this huge stack of big boxes, which we could barely get into the rental car, and didn't get to the Post Office until nearly 1pm! Fortunately, most folks don't realize that the local post office is open on Sunday, so there was NO LINE ... what a blissful thing it is to be a week out from Xmas and not have to wait for hours to mail stuff!

We then went to have a very late breakfast at this funky little diner attached to a funky little Howard Johnson's motel over on LaSalle ... it's amazing that place still exists, as it's right out of the 50's or 60's. We then went on an expedition to look for a new dining room table. I probably mentioned how the idiots who cleaned our carpet a month or so back ripped the legs off our old dining room table, leaving us with a temporary re-arranging of stuff that was not ideal for anything. The Wife had taken advantage of having a rental car this weekend by scooting around and scouting some options, and we went to check these out, eventually ending up at a place with fabulous discounts, and we got a nice looking cherry table with four chairs for the cost of what one of the other tables would have cost by itself ... plus they'll be delivering it tomorrow for just $25! I love a deal, and it will be nice to have a nice solid table to do stuff on again.

After the sort-of spur-of-the-moment big-ticket-item shopping event we were looking for something to do which would actually amuse The Girls, and since we up on the Elston shopping strip we thought we'd go bowling (as the Diversey Bowl is just north of all that). I hadn't bowled there in ages and was amazed at some of the tech innovations ... not only did they have monitors which kept the game running (and kept score), but they had programmable "gutter rails" which popped up whenever The Girls were bowling ... but then went back down to allow The Wife and me the opportunity to throw a gutter ball! My bowling really sucks since screwing up my knee, I have no "flow" and my release is very mechanical and jerky ... resulting in my only closing one frame today (I had the low score of the four of us).

Speaking of my knee ... one of the things on my "to do" list for tomorrow is to finally call up my doctor about that. While I can walk and go up and down stairs with it (admittedly, a bit jerky on the stairs), I'm in constant pain, and I've recently noticed the general area in back of my knee is blue ... sort of like if one had worn a brand-new unwashed pair of jeans ... which it telling me that something's bleeding in there and it's just seeping out into the surrounding tissues. While the mobility of the joint (or, I guess, lack of "bad", side-to-side or backwards, mobility!) has improved over time, the pain thing has at best plateaued, and perhaps gotten a bit worse over the past month or two.

Anyway ... I was hoping to have had the next project more done that I am, but time's getting short and I need to get the Xmas cards finished. The "bits" are done, I have the cards printed and folded, I have pics of The Girls printed and cut, I have envelopes with my return address crimped into the flap, and have a "holiday newsletter" printed, but I still need to fold the latter, stuff it, the card, and the pic in the envelopes, and eventually seal, stamp, and stick a mailing label on those ... repeat 150+ times. The one last thing I don't have done asde from this is "tidying up" the mailing list ... some of this is just making sure the bad addresses from last year are culled if not updatable (and checking incoming cards for new addresses), but one part of it is going to be very hard ... deleting my Mom from the list. (sigh)

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