BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Ho, Ho, Ho ... part two

Today was something of a blur ... made blurrier by the general lack of sleep. Of course, the main cause of said lack of sleep, Daughter #1, was obliviously lost in her GameBoy LeafGreen Pokemon game all day, and didn't even make an effort at a nap. I had vague intentions towards a "real nap" but rather got the more typical "I'm too tired to be working on the computer so I'll nod off while this page is loading" sort of nap.

Dinner tonight was something of a debacle ... neither of The Girls were responding to the ramifications of a fast-approaching reservation, and were fighting getting dressed (let alone dressed up), with #2 throwing a classic fit, complete with absolute melt-down over the prospect of wearing some new shoes (a prospect made even worse by her mother having thrown away half of her previous pair and half of her sister's previous pair, so there were no "backup options" in the red sparkly "Dorothy shoes" category!). Once The Wife screamed enough in response and we managed to get out the door and to the restaurant (somehow, it's never this difficult if it's just ME getting The Girls out), we discover that the restaurant is no longer the restaurant The Wife thought it was (she'd made reservations via an on-line search for places open on Xmas), and they no longer have the prix-fixe special that we were thinking we were going out for. So, I order two pastas (less than one entree, let alone an entree and an appetizer), The Girls complain about everything (there is likewise no "kid's menu"), and The Wife has another four glasses of wine to top off what she had before we got out of the house. So I'm having to listen to The Girls whine (and generally misbehave), deal with my own stress over everything being fucked up (I just hate it when my eye muscles start spasming), and listen to The Wife go on about the stuff The Wife always goes on about when she gets tanked. Not a fun evening.

As soon as we got home I pretty much dropped into bed ... tried to watch football, but soon got voted out of that as other bodies showed up. Woke up 3 hours later and crawled in here to see what was what. This week is going to suck big time, but more details on that later.

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