BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

on a business note ...

If everything went according to plan over the past several days, the mailing house in Tampa should have gotten our check for the Post Office on Wednesday morning and proceeded to send out the 5,300-odd postcard/magnet mailing pieces I designed. Now, if their list is any good (and it was about twice the size of the InfoUsa list that I'd initially bought), we should certainly be on it, so I'm expecting to see one of these things in the mailbox on Monday. It cost us a huge chunk of change to do this mailing, but we're (obviously) hoping that the calendar fridge magnet part of it will create an on-going reminder about our services.

I also go copies of our new subway signs on Thursday ... which means that Viacon Outdoor probably got them that day as well ... which means we're good-to-go for our mid-January run start date!

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