BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

DAMN those "sniper bots"!

For a minute there, I was kicking myself about going back to bed and letting eBay take care of itself, rather than staying up another 45 minutes to "ride" these auctions in the wee small hours of this morning ... then I compared the Bid Histories versus the closing times and realized that there was nothing I could have done. I can only assume that with 00:00:07 left on one and 00:00:06 left on the other, these bids came in automatically, so even if I was constantly refreshing my screens, I would not have had time to respond in either case.

I've previously opined that people using bid bots are like baseball players using "undetectable" steroids ... but ti's sleazier than that ... it's like ticket brokers hiring dozens of street people or college kids to fill up the lines when shows/games go on sale, making it virtually impossible for the "honest user" to get a shot. Neither abuse is "illegal", but both sure as hell are unethical, and it's just another sign at how low our "cultural morality" has fallen ... just like the people who feel it's OK to steal music and movies via the Internet just because "they can", the folks who use the bots destroy the "integrity of the {eBay} game", leading eventually to a situation where nobody will be able to win unless they also cheat. Bleh ... makes me want to "opt out" of humanity!

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