BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

and then there was THIS ...

OK ... not long after I find the clone-your-pet spam ...

I'm going out to pick up dinner. Just running across the street for burgers. There is this truck. Fairly standard sized truck, but the walls are all plastic or glass. I think, that's odd. Then I notice that inside the truck there's all this furniture and stuff ... not just furniture and stuff, there's a ROOM set up in this truck. Then I notice something moving. Not only is there a ROOM set up in this truck, there's a guy in a BATHROBE sitting in a chair in the room in the truck. Now, said truck is at a red light and I am getting closer. Yes, there is a whole room set up in this truck and a guy sitting in an easy chair in a terry-cloth bathrobe, reading a newspaper. He waves. I wonder ... hmmmm.... did I take any drugs and just not notice? I finally am able to make out writing on the glass/plastic walls of the truck. Something about a new hotel chain, a slogan "what moves you". Very strange. The light changes, I'm still a good 3/4 block away. The truck goes. The guy waves. First pet cloning, now hotel rooms on wheels. man-o-man ... strange night

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