BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

You won't have BTRIPP to kick around (or generally ignore) anymore ... at least for a couple of days

Yep ... I guess I'm going to be AFK for the next couple of days. As I mentioned previously, The Wife is exiling The Girls and me to the suburbs for two days ... having booked us into a "Holidome" up in Skokie so they can swim. I'm getting the rental car at 2pm, we should be checking in around 3pm on Tuesday, and then checking out by noon on Thrusday. What the hell I'm going to be doing (aside from "enjoying the company of my charming offspring") over that time, I'm not sure. I had toyed with loading up AOL on my laptop and bringing that along, but I guess I'll just go cold-turkey. I do think I'll need to pick out a book to read, as I'm less enthused at the prospect of spending most of the next 48 hours in the pool. The Wife has delusions that we're "near" anything (I checked ... even printed out the maps ... we're not) that would be more interesting than swimming, so I guess we'll just have to "do our time" up there and let her (hopefully) get all this data-entry stuff in QuickBooks caught up so that we can start 2005 rolling (of course, The Wife's computer competence is only slightly above that of our 9-year-old, so I'm sure I'm going to have to try to "fix something" over the phone at least once while we're out!).

So, all you folks on my Friends List, don't go crazy with back-from-the-holidays posting! I don't want to come back to 300+ posts that will back-log me for days.

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