BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

an interesting meme ...

This meme seems to be originating from scottks's journal (who absolutely hates quizzes, by the way) ... in the wake of the LJ buy-out he went back to the early days of his journal and looked at the first few people who commented to his posts. This was enticing enough trivia (and, I was #2 on his list!), that I figured "what the heck?" and pulled up my calendar view ... although I expanded the list to the first "Baker's Dozen" of folks commenting in my journal:

                    #1 randomzen
                    #2 nanoseconds
                    #3 apriljoy
                    #4 beautifultoxin
                    #5 theinnocence
                    #6 cyberpup
                    #7 drstrangehair
                    #8 dankitti
                    #9 monty
                    #10 trips
                    #11 jacqui
                    #12 evilhomer
                    #13 blonnie

I find it interesting that all of these journals are still extant after nearly five years (well, sort of, Jacqui actually posted from her since-deleted old "fake journal" that existed to bash her ex), although a couple appear to have been abandoned. Also interesting is that I have only the vaguest clue who six of these people are. Three on the list are "estranged", having cast me aside (and been reciprocally de-friended) long ago, probably over "political issues". This leaves only four of these L.J.'rs that are still active on my Friends List (although only a couple of those posts with any frequency). Quite a difference in "continuity" to what scottks was reporting from his results.

Most of these early contacts are, I'm guessing, from ana's old IRC channel (and associated IRC things), and perhaps the interfacing done in there did not translate into the L.J. medium in a sustainable fashion.

It took the better part of a month's posting before anybody left a comment for me (and I had to go slightly beyond a month to fill up these slots), so I guess my "dearth of feedback" goes back to the very early days (I'm running well over 2-to-1 in comments I've posted versus comments made to my posts).

I must admit, I'm a lot calmer these days than back in May of 2000 ... I guess riding the big "dream crash" really had me frazzled. I'm more "broken" these days, but I appear to be less frantic about things.

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