BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

What the heck happened to this weekend?

Man ... I was going to get so much stuff done this weekend, but it just blew by. Mainly hanging with the family. One of those ironies ... "the important stuff", having time for my family, always seems like "time wasted", when it typically is cited as the only stuff that matters. Still, it doesn't get anything checked off the "to-do" list.

Saturday I was scheduled to take Daughter #1 up to her Dojo class ... but then got talked into taking Daughter #2 along as well. The Dojo is supposedly the top rated (or in the top 5, depending on what you read) martial arts school in the country, but the non-"gym" parts of it are VERY cramped, so you can imagine how pleased I was to have the 13-month-old and stoller to deal with there. Anyway ... got done with that, and I took them down to see my mom, who'd been grumbling that she hadn't seen the girls in "ages" ... ended up spending most of the afternoon there, before dragging them home for dinner.

Ed Hubbard of Telepathic Media and I were going to be getting together that evening to brainstorm some basic parameters of the upcoming Sacred Sexuality conference, and decided to "kill two birds with one stone" by meeting up over in Bucktown and dropping by the "Projections in Heaven" show (that was featuring an excerpt from Other People's Mirrors, among other "underground" films) as we hadn't actually had a chance to meet ArtVamp previously and figured that this would be as good a time as any to make introductions.

These web-to-IRL connections are always a bit odd ... and I think ArtVamp was a bit taken aback by our unnanounced arrival (hey, she DID post in her L.J. for folks to come by the show!) ... in terms of my expectations, she was taller than I'd pictured ... probably having something to do with the angles on her cam! The ODDEST thing for me was seeing her film excerpts. I'd been following the OPM project for a while, but everything I'd actually "SEEN" of it was stills (and a few low-res clips), and most of what I'd seen of ArtVamp was via her web cam, which (generally speaking) gives one perspective of her apartment. So, it was VERY strange to see all these different views of her place ... her various "interfacings" with household objects (speakers, TV, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, etc.) all seemed "normal", just the extended view of the place freaked me out. How strange, eh?

Anyway, the gallery this was happening in had a private party starting at 12:30, so we hit the bricks at midnight. I got home, shot out a few e-mails, but was really too wiped to start on anything major, so crashed farily early (3-ish).

Got up for church this morning ... I still have SUCH a hard time with ME saying that ... finding this Unitarian Universalist church has been such a treat ... hardly "like church" at all! Anyway, I've been doing a new web site for the church and just heard from the administrator that the software I'd ordered (setting them up with the AT&T $4.95/mo ad-supported package) came in, so I was hoping to be able to get everything set up on that today ... unfortunately, the church treasurer was "Bogarting" the machine, so I'll have to buzz up there tomorrow. I'm really pleased with how the new web site came out, so I'm anxious to get it up and running (and, the way this is going, I need to have their AT&T dial-up set to get the "core" e-mails set up which I need to get the new domains registered at Host&Save, which I'm going to need to have the "re-direct" e-mails ready to put in the final posted version of the site).

Anyway, it was NASTY outside today ... I don't think it was that cold (in the 20's maybe) but "The Hawk" was out sending snow flying horizontally down the street and just cutting through you. The Wife wanted to do some shopping after church and by the time we got done with that and lunch (with a 5-year-old and a 1-year-old ... these are NOT times of relaxation!) I was ready for some retreat-to-the-bed time. Much to my surprise (and, of course, screwing up my "intended schedule") I ended up sleeping for like 3 hours. Anyway, hoping to get at least some of the basic things I had on the to-do list done tonight and still be up to the church by mid-morning.

Hah! Another "normal" L.J. posting ... Isn't that amazing!

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