BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,


OK ... so a lot of folks (like cydniey as per her recent post which had me checking things out over there) have gone and opened up accounts at "" ... I went to have a look, fearing that some other "BTRIPP" might have snagged the name there. Now, I have NO recall of ever having even looked at before, but there was a "BTRIPP" journal there (with no posts) whose info page had my main e-mail listed. How did this happen? Now, I know that I have a DeadJournal account (or at least I had one from years ago ... I assume it's still there), but I have no idea how this GreatestJournal thing came to be! I've successfully gotten the password e-mailed to me (which is formatted like I would typically do a PW, so I'm assuming that I did set this up at some point), but I'm amazed that I have zero recall of ever even being on their site previously. Very strange. Oh, well ... at least I have "my name" over there!

Visit the BTRIPP home page!


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