BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Strange New Year's meme ...

Snagged this from cryo's journal. The instructions for it are: "Take the 1st sentence from the 1st post of each month of 2004. Put them together to make a paragraph." Supposedly this should reveal something of how one's year went.

OK, so we did sort of do something. Well, woke up in a deep funk ... was having bad dreams about not being able to remember things that I was trying to remember from my childhood ... ended up crying in the living room. OK, so it's like this ... Daughter #1 is involved in an after-school art class, and her teacher has been taking them through different styles each week, this week the subject was "Peter Max". Man ... I should just not read LJ on April Fools day ... there is so much crap to try to figure what is real and what's a fucking joke. OK ... just thought I'd say I was back ... didn't actually have a chance to read/update over the weekend, but was feeling AFK-twitchy quite a bit anyway. This is hilarious ... I snagged it from l555l's User Info page: Sesame Street Terror Alert Levels. I have been in another bit of a funk of late and have not been getting much of anything of use done. ACK! I just now finished reading the 600+ posts on my Friends List that had accumulated while I was out of town, only to discover that in the time I was catching up to those, another 225 posts have shown up! Well, the "agent" from GeekSquad is due here at 10:30am ... I have all the systems upgraded, the wireless cards in them (and functioning, according to Device Manager, if not anything else!), and everything as "set up" as I can make it. OK ... so, I've been thinking ... even if Bush wins by a landslide (may the Powers That Be make it so!), what can be done to deal with the damnable MSM ... main-stream media ... that has blatantly ignored every mountain of dirt that has come out on Kerry, while digging under Bush's cuticles to find any dust mote that might be discoverable? Things have been busy ... I've been backed up on a half a dozen promo things for the new business (including a major panic today with two different art departments trying to implement a thing I designed), plus getting ready for Daughter #1's ninth birthday.

I opted to tuck that behind a cut because, well ... because it kind of sucked. I seem to start a lot of my posts with an "OK" or a "Well" or a "Man" which does not make for good continuity in something like this. I suppose I could edit those bits out, but that would be cheating, wouldn't it? Plus my frequent use of elipses makes for some rather rambling "sentences". Frankly, I probably wouldn't have bothered posting this but for the fact that I'd already done all the cut-and-pasting!

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