BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Not that this matters to anybody ...

But I am wiped today. Yesterday was the "take down the Xmas stuff while watching football" day, and that was the primary project. Unfortunately, the storage closet from which all the Xmas stuff originates had gotten quite over-stuffed with bags of other holiday things, etc., and I felt the need of organizing.

This closet used to have the function of holding my "immediate stock" of Eschaton books, and still had several partial cases in there. My first (well, second, after having dragged out all the random other holiday stuff) task was to consolidate cases into as few as I could manage. This ended up "freeing" two book boxes, which I was then able to transfer much of the Bunny stuff (for Easter) into. Anyway, I had moved several hundred pounds worth of dead weight before I even got started on packing up Xmas.

Taking down the tree was not much of a chore this year, since we really hadn't done much with it. I got the lights up, and then we re-cycled the "emergency" silk-thread-on-styrofoam-balls ornaments from last year (when the cat decided that this was her new plaything). I'd gotten a handful of "2004" ornaments, but those were no challenge to pack up (as opposed to when we do "the tree", with a zillion little ornaments picked up over the years). Maybe next year we'll be able to do all but the very-fragile pieces, as the cat was pretty good about not getting into the tree this time.

Having re-organized the storage closet I was able to move into it a wide array of holiday things that had ended up in the bathtub of the front bathroom since last year. Once I get into selling stuff on eBay (I have a bunch of things I've bought with that intent), I might actually get that bathtub cleared out of boxes & stuff!

Anyway ... The Wife probably wouldn't much care for this idea, but at the moment my "goals" for the day involve a lot of sitting and reading ... I'm still trying to figure out how to make that happen.

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