BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Woot ...

One of the eBay vendors I've bought from with some regularity has seemingly changed her pricing philosophy ... she used to put cards up every now and again at a 1¢ opening bid, sort of like a "loss leader" (after all, if you won that, you'd want to "thin out" the basic shipping charge of $1.75 over multiple wins, where each extra is only another 25¢ shipping) ... but over the past week (or at least that's when I noticed it) she's been putting up everything but the "holo" holographics at that 1¢ opening bid. I can only figure that she wasn't getting enough traffic starting cards at $0.99 so decided to goose up her bid volume.

Being the Cheap Bastard that I am, this has been riveting ... over the past six days I've won 25 auctions (and not won at least that many ... I've been pretty good at being "disciplined" in my bidding, even though I've made some "exploratory" bids just to see where other bidders maxxed out) for a total of $6.48 ... 11 of which went for a penny (even cards "worth" as much as $8.00 a piece!) ... the total "value" of these, according to my "low reference site" is a whopping $121.00 so far, and I'm currently winning another 8 auctions, six of which are still at 1¢ ... such a deal!

This is almost like free entertainment ... I could blow through more money in an afternoon of pinball ... but this also brings home some mighty cool cards for Daughter #1's collection. This particular seller lets you "stack up" wins for 14 days, but I may stop when I get close to $10.00 ... guess what #1's going to be getting from Daddy for Valentine's day???

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