BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Baaah ...

Yes, it's true, mightyrighty is a bad influence ... she posted this big old quiz in her journal, and I just had to do it too! It's lots of "personal questions" so I'll tuck it behind the cut just to maintain decorum in here ...

How old are you?47
At what age did you move out of home?24
Do you like your parents?They're both gone now.
Do you feel like you 'fit in'?Fit in what, exactly?
How many 'true' friends do you have?Probably none at this point.
Do you have more online friends than real life friends?That would be a "yes".
How many of your online friends have you met?Uh ... dunno ... some.
Do you think you could ever kill?Sure ... I think about it all the time!
Do you feel hate for anyone?Oh, yeah.
Do you have fucked up sexual fantasies that you dont like to discuss?Now, why would I want to discuss any HERE?
Are you attracted to same sex people?Nope.
Were you a good student?Well ... that depends on when/where/how you look ... I've had "Gentleman's C" school performance and "nobody's EVER gotten a 4.0 before!" school performance.
Do you have contact with anyone drug or alcohol addicted?A few of my old College buddies are pretty fucked up, not that I see them much.
What is your addiction?I've had many. L.J. is probably my worst current jones.
Is there anything you find particularly repulsive?Michael Moore, Barbara Boxer, Hitlery Klinton ...
Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, CandymanBeetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice ...
Do you prefer to be inside or outside?Inside.
Day time or night time?Night.
Do you have a short temper?You don't want to find out.
What are your turn offs?Stupidity, blind belief, liberalism.
and turn ons?Wouldn't YOU like to know!
sex before marriage?Been there, done that.
Do you attend church?Nope.
Would you fuck a sheep?Say what?
No youre misunderstanding me Prince Valiant, I mean if you were a sheep, would you fuck another sheep?As if!
Do you like yourself?Depends on the day.
Do you like the way you look?Generally speaking, no.
What are you afraid of?Fundies and Leftists.
cremation or burial?I'm planning on being embedded in Lucite as one honking big paperweight.
Snoogins!Snoo gin? As opposed to old port?

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