BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Slowing down ...

Another day, another dollar ... well, make that another seven cents, I guess ... I've bid on a number of things that we already have in the collection just to see if I could get them for a penny, but some "weekend warriors" are settling in and I've been seriously over-bid on some of those (oh, well ... didn't "need" the cards anyway). So, just in case you were wondering, here's where this little "fire sale" adventure stands:

                   Total number of auctions won:   67
                   Number of auctions won for 1¢:   48
                   Total cost of all auctions:   $9.48
                   Total value of cards won:   $340.00

Yes, that's 7 cards won today, each going for a penny but with a total "retail value" of $24.00 ... not too shabby! Oddly, the seller doesn't have any auctions up over the weekend, so the last of those 1¢ deals will have to wait until Sunday night. By the time this is over I will have been working this particular vendor's auctions for two weeks ... and probably not breaking the $10.00 mark on the actual cards (although I am paying a bit over 25¢ for shipping on each) with the "total total" coming in at 10¢ on the dollar or just below! Such a deal, eh?

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