BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

The snow ...

Frankly, I wouldn't mind the snow so much if it wasn't for this bum knee ... I went out to a half a dozen stores while The Girls were at Dojo, but was unable to find any sort of sledding device for them (I was targeting one of those saucers, but would have taken pretty much anything) ... while I was out negotiaing various curbs and semi- or non-shoveled sidewalks, I had several "intense pain" episodes where either I was having to contort my knee to get over piles of snow, having my footing go out from under me, resuting in a sudden jolt to the knee, or the like.

We're sort of bummed about not being able to find a sled thing anywhere. There are NO regular toy stores downtown anymore ... The Girls and I were thinking of taking a side-trip on the way home to go to the Toys R Us that's over on Western (it would have invovled taking a bus a couple of miles one way, then taking another back to the El ... probably burning up a few hours in the process) ... but once we got over to the El we just headed home. When we got back down here we also checked Osco, Walgreens, and Ace Hardware on the way in from the subway stop, but none of them had anything like that in. We may have to go all the way south of the Loop tomorrow ... we can take the Red Line down to Roosevelt and go to the new Target that's over there, then go over to the Museum Campus and find some hills for The Girls to go down.

When did hardware stores stop selling sleds?

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