BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

How sweet!

Well, since none of those penny auctions that I've been gobbling up were closing this weekend (a few more finish up Sunday night), I decided to take a little surf into my "Pokemon" search on eBay. I found a set of packs of the TV version (which I get for Daughter #2) and got them for cheap (delivered cost just about 50¢ each!) and then stumbled over an auction for just about as many packs for the "Legendary Collection", one of the ones that Daughter #1 is "weak" on.

When I found that, there had already been a dozen bids, including some by vendors who I've bought from in the past. I put in a bid, but it was less than what one of the vendors had for his high. So I watched. And I waited. I kept hitting "reload" on the Bid History screen. Eventually another card vendor bid higher than the first one, with a bid a few pennies higher than my "theoretical max" for that auction. I waited. I hit reload ... and hit reload ... and hit reload. With just about a minute left I re-bid, upping by a buck my "planned" maximum bid, and was the top bidder with only about 26 seconds left. And I won ... beating the top-bidding vendor (who I have bought a lot of cards from!) by 50¢ and exceeding my "max" by only 59¢!

This was sweet, as not only does #1 get to have the fun of opening the packs (and getting a lot of holos), I also avoid finding myself buying the cards later from the vendors! I also got a deal on this, as the cards came in for about 1/4 of what they go for on most sites! Yeah, it's not "1/7th of retail", but I doubt palette-load wholesale on the packs is as low as my typical "target zone". (sigh) ... I really didn't go out looking to spend thirty bucks (the combined cost of winning both sets of packs), but I got some nice things to give The Girls!

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