BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Yeah, I know you don't care ...

But what sort of obsessive-compulsive would I be if I didn't keep you up to date on that on-going amassing of auctions? Well, the "penny sale" appears to be over from that vendor (aren't you relieved?), with the last of the ones I was bidding on closing just now. Starting tomorrow, she has all her auctions starting at 35¢, meaning that (with shipping), I'm going to have to consider card value more (I'm less likely to want to bid on a $2.00 value card if I know the minimum I'm going to be paying for it is 1/3rd of that!), although I do have a fairly lengthy list of things that I'm "watching" and may pull the trigger on to minimize my per-card shipping charge. Anyway, here's how things currently stand:

                   Total number of auctions won:   73
                   Number of auctions won for 1¢:   53
                   Total cost of all auctions:   $9.64
                   Total value of cards won:   $367.00

Even if I get another 7 cards (maximizing the 40 items that eBay seems to cap for a single transaction) at the 35¢ minimum (plus shipping) I'll still be in the "10 cents on the dollar" range, and that's figuring on the current card value, so (unless I get into some stupid "bidding war" like some folks did on one of these today, resulting on one card that I had my eye on going for more than they could have "bought retail"!), I'm going to be doing a lot better than my "1/7th of retail" target zone. However, I'm probably going to be pickier on what I bid on ... at the 1¢ level I picked up 20 cards that I knew that Daughter #1 already had, just to put them in her trading binder! If I can snag her another 7 cards that she doesn't have at that 35¢ point for a total of 80 cards for better than a 90% discount, I'll be pretty happy! I'm sure everybody out there with this blithering showing up on their Friends List will be happy when I finally put this thing to bed, huh?

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