BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Some Semblance .... oh, wait ... I've used that one already ...

blah, blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah-balh, blah, blah
yadda-yadda-yadda, blah, blah, yadda hey

like that ... really

Another fucked up day in a fucked up life. I'm sure that EVERYTHING that I could consider "getting stuff done" today is going to be swept away, IGNORED, and otherwise scurried off into the void of "why the fuck do I even bother?" before 48 hours are passed. So much to do ... so little that really matters. And nobody who fucking cares. I spent a good hour putting together a post for the RSI support board over on AOL. Pure fucking hubris on my part, WHAT USE does my sharing stuff that I've dug up on the web do me over there? NONE! What business will it bring me? NONE! Will I ever get any help, leads, support, or anything positive out of those folks? NO! So, why do I bother putting together what amounts to a web-search report and backgrounder on our newest hot product? Fucking EGO ... I'm just "showing off" ... "I'm smarter than YOU ... I can find info you don't even know EXISTS! nya-nya-nya-nya!". Pretty damn pitiful. Shit like this clutters up my days. I'm actually trying to figure some way to get the Libertarian Party (or at least our Chicago group) to accept Crowley's Liber OZ as a "statement of values", since there is nothing on that with which a Libertarian could possibly disagree. But, who am I kidding? There are folks on the Board who desperately want "to play in Peoria", so I can pretty much guess that becoming "The Crowley Party" is out before I even bring it up!

OK, I guess ONE thing I can call "got accomplished" today, but it's one of those "don't mean spit" things in the grand scheme of things ... got permission from Advocates for Self-Government to use their "World's Smallest Political Quiz" for a CafePress store. Whooopie! Another CafePress project for me to bust ass on and have the rest of the fucking board turn up their noses at. Fuck 'em ... I'm going to ride that train even if I have to shove some of them under the wheels.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ...

                    WHERE GONE WITHIN

                    absenting, going,
                    press action hard
                    yet uncertain
                    in this surrounding grey
                    this liminal state
                    this half-hidden refuge
                    wherein we retreat
                    from the nightmare outside

                    we become
                    some alternate
                    some make-believe
                    simulacrum of the self
                    and play the puppet show
                    of anguish, loss,
                    alienation and despair,
                    with paper for our blood

                    here are symbols
                    writ in smoke
                    currents in the mist
                    each touch-stone mark
                    is referenced
                    thought none would see
                    nor understand
                    as language disappears

                    every vector
                    has a switch
                    and every switch a line
                    and every line
                    a consonant
                    corresponding to a scene
                    in arcane myth
                    known only to the few

                    in these coverings
                    we cower
                    seeking camouflage
                    and obfuscation
                    that the insane world without
                    can not find us
                    to touch us with the killing hand
                    of their reality

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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