BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Grrrrrrrrrrr ....

Man, this is frustrating. I've been trying to add on a couple of cards (or a couple of sets of cards) from this one vendor, so I don't end up paying the flat rate shipping (good up to 5 cards) for just one (that I somehow managed to win the other day), but I've probably bid on three or four dozen auctions since then and gotten fucked over at the last minute (often literally) by the god-damned bot bidders every time!

When I fell asleep at around 3am last night night I was winning on five or six auctions which closed in the wee small hours, I was thinking "oh, great, I can finally get that taken care of". But, nooooooooo ... when I got back to the computer this morning, what do I find? Yep, these motherfuckers and their bots swept in and snagged every damn one.

This particular vendor must be tagged somehow by these assholes, as nearly every auction he has ends up with the damned bots sweeping in like Stephen King's Langoliers! It's probably because he typcially starts all of his auctions at a penny, so there are (or were before the bot-holes got into the act!) deals to be had. I'm guessing that the shitheads with their bots have it automatically set up that they'll bid on anything within a particular range from this guy. I hate them ... hate them, hate them, hate them!

I'm thinking I'm just going to have to "bite the bullet" and pay the full shipping charge to get the one card, which is really pissing me the fuck off!

{edit - 11:40am}
OK, so who knows what criteria the "bot-holes" use for unleashing their demonic lackies, but somehow two very tasty auctions from the vendor in question managed to slip through ... I had to wait to pull the trigger until the last second (I'd been out-bid earlier on them, so was a bit skittish whether or not the higher bidders were "real" or bots!) but got one set of 10 reverse holos and one set of 12 reverse holos for a combined cost of about eight cents on the retail dollar. I'm a much happier camper now!

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