BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Today just sucked shit ...

Man ...

I know better than to ask the stupid questions about how much worse things can get, since the Universe is always ready with another ugly surprise, just waiting for an excuse to hit you upside the head with it. But ... maaaaan.

The day started out relatively sucky in that I had a sinus headache that really wanted to turn into migraine ... it was close enough that I was queasy and dizzy and had a hard time staying at the computer (dealing with the monitor is rough when I get into that zone). So, once I knocked out the design project that I had to have done this morning, I turned to other issues, like why my "new" computer has ceased to function. It was working just fine, then one day I turned it on and it couldn't find any hard drive. I figured I might have knocked something loose when I took the wireless LAN card out (the signal didn't make it into my office so I snagged the card for The Wife's new computer), so today I dragged the system out to the dining room (read "workbench") to get into its innards. Checked all the connections, disconnected, re-connected, etc., still no trace of the HD. I don't know what to do. I really hate to bring it in to the local computer place since they charge $45 just to look at it and then it's $65/hr to work on it. I could get a NEW "new" computer for about $350 right now, so I really don't feel like throwing a lot of money at this one, but I've really never used it, which pisses me off (but it's "old" enough that it's not under any warranties at this point). Anybody have any suggestions about a computer that can't find its HD?

Anyway, so I was feeling icky, and was depressed about the damn computer, and bummed about a half a dozen other things, when Daughter #1 and I went up to get Daghter #2. I took them over to McDonalds for dinner and then we stopped at Walgreens and then at Dunkin Donuts and then were standing in the bus stop when I realized that we didn't have #2's backpack. This is a MAJOR issue, since inside of #2's backpack was her BLANKIE, her constant companion.

Now, we had probably left McDonalds not more than 15 mintues prior, so we start back-tracking ... no backpack at Dunkin Donuts, no backpack at Walgreens, and then NO BACKPACK AT MCDONALDS. Plus, "nobody knows nuthin" about any pink packpack that "was just there"! The last time I saw the backpack, Daughter #1 was putting the happy meal toys into it, so I know we had it at McDonalds ... The Girls think we had it when we went across the street to Walgreens, but they're not sure. Anyway I left a note at both McDonalds and at Walgreens about it. We double checked everywhere, and even walked two blocks in each direction, just in case some miscreant grabbed the unattended bag (hoping it contained something with cash value), then ditched it when it just had things precious to a 4-year-old. No sign of a pink backpack (or its discarded contents) anywhere.

#2 is holding up better than I could have hoped, but I'm crushed. I'm probably the most "clingy" person in the family to material objects, so having my baby girl lose the blankie she's constantly had to have for anything is breaking me up. The Wife and her have discussed going to find a new, similar, blankie this weekend, which seems to be OK with her. Me, I'm just so filled with unfocused hurt and rage and hatred at the motherfucker who ran off with the backpack that I can't even think straight. Our best hope at this point is that she put it down in Walgreens and that somebody other than the person in the Camera department picked it up and put it somewhere ... I guess we'll call tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure it was some scumbag thinking he/she was going to score a CD/MP3 player, or a laptop, or cell phone, or something with cash value and grabbed the bag. If so, I hope they have hideous things happen to them. I know that if I caught them with the backpack I'd have beaten them to death with a hunk of ice.

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