BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

an update ...

Amazingly, this morning I find that I had 3 calls from the McDonalds ... there were no details (I just had the number) but Daugther #2's backpack (with her blankie) had shown up. Now, this particular McDonalds is tiny, and only had 3 people on staff while we were there, two of whom I spoke with about the backpack while we were in search of it last night. At that point nobody knew anything about any backpack, so I'm assuming that it didn't get picked up by somebody wiping off tables and brought to the back (especially since the time elapsed was like 15-20 minutes from when we'd left). My guess is that somebody "uh, accidentally" took the backpack, discovered it had nothing of cash value in it, and brought it back.

I was bummed all night about this, and it was quite a relief to tell #2 that she and her mom could go pick it up on the way in to her daycare this morning. She survived the night without the blankie (but had to substitue about a dozen stuffed animals!), but at least she'll have it for naptime today!

At least one thing went right ... but I'm not holding my breath in anticipation of anything else good happening.

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