BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

So proud ...

I just got done walking Daughter #1 through the "example test" for the ACT/Explore test she'll be taking tomorrow ... it's a bit of a challenge for her, since the test is written for the 8th grade level, and she's just in 3rd, but because of her standardized testing (in the over-97% range) she was invited to take it for the Midwest Academic Talent Search. We're excited about this, as part of what is supposed to come out of this is "tracking" ... with the "smart kid" equivalent of extra help provided by the schools ... which is a good thing as #1 is getting very bored with her grade-level Math and Science work (yep, I think we're raising an Architect ... her favorite things are Math and Art!) and it would be great for her to have materials that were challenging her capabilities!

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