BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

well ...

What a weekend.

Obviously, it will be a while before we find out how Daughter #1 did on the ACT/Explore for the Midwest Academic Talent Search ... it's hard to get a fix on ... as I noted, the test is written to an 8th grade level and she's just in 3rd ... I called to ask if it was better for her to guess or to leave stuff blank, and the guy I spoke with said "guess", but I'm hoping for the 3rd graders that's not the case as #1 just left stuff blank that she didn't have time to get to (figuring it was better to not pick the worst of 4 answers).

The Wife had a few appointments on Saturday, so Daughter #2 and I basically had to kill three hours while waiting for her sister to get done with the test. I think I'm still tired from that. For some reason Enterprise (where we typically get our rental cars) had insanely high rates this weekend, and I ended up digging up a deal for a week's rental from Avis, which I hooked up The Wife with. She has appointments on Monday and Tuesday, but it means we pretty much have the car with no good reason from Wednesday morning on. I'm not looking forward to this, as it means running out every 1.75 hours to put another two bucks in a meter, which may be six or more blocks away. We still got the rental for less than a 4-day from the other guys, and I guess we could bring it back on Wednesday and not screw up the deal. I hate cars. Just fucking hate them.

The Wife has been pretty much at wits end on dealing with #2, and to a lesser extent #1 ... she's been trying various "structure" things, and we spent all day today dealing with her latest concept on that. We now have "House Rules" posted and she's made both girls post "goals for the week", with a whole complex reward structure tied into that. I think it's going to go over like the proverbial lead balloon, but we'll see. Somedays I think she just needs to have her meds upped. I was the only person to set foot outside the house today, and that was to go over to Walgreens to pick up said meds and a few other things that they needed.

While I was dealing with #2 on Saturday (and having a wee panic attack of my own), I finally treated myself to a new ringtone for my cell phone. I've been so sick of having a standard ring (which everybody else has) that I'd wanted to get something that would let me know that MY phone was ringing (not that it does much, we're not cell phone types ... folks don't "get it" that the only time I have my phone anywhere near me is when I'm out of the house). When I first got the new phone I'd been checking out stuff available for it and found this really cool clip ... it's the instrumental intro to AC/DC's "Hell's bells", all dark and heavy and metal, but without being obnoxious (it never gets to the vocals). If I do say so myself, it is SO COOL! My next favorite of stuff I checked out was a ring with the chorus from Cheap Trick's tune "Surrender", the "Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright, they just seem a little weeeeeird" bit, which, while being ever-so applicable to us on a personal basis, might raise eyebrows were it to ring in a tutoring sales call!

I'm so far behind on everything that I don't know if I'm ever going to get caught up. I'm actually hoping that I might be able to use the rental car to get some stuff out of my Mom's place (which, yes, is still not ready to show ... QUIT NAGGING DAMMIT!), and maybe take my "new" computer (still "dead but dreaming") over to have its entrails read. I had hoped to have had two other graphic/print projects out the door this weekend, but that didn't happen (although I spent most of the days in the appropriate programs, just cranking out shit for regimenting the household).

I hope some good stuff happens this week ... I've been teetering on the edge of some bad depression and I don't want to have to go there if I can avoid it.

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