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Well ...

One of those days ... was it a "wasted day" or a "quality time" day? I got tapped into being a "ceramics teacher" this morning up at 2U ... the kids were going to be making "chalices" (it's a Unitarian Universalist thing ... a "chalice", usually ceramic, with a wide flat "cup" that holds a candle) out of clay and they were looking for folks to help out. I guess The Wife had volunteered me (being as ceramics was one of my focuses ... along with silver and silkscreening ... in my Art major ... one of three along with English and Religion). So, Daughter #1 and I went up early, set things up, got through the "class" and then took the El down to Chinatown to meet up with The Wife and Daughter #2 for some Dim Sum. We used to go down for Dim Sum all the time ... I missed it, the food was good, but neither of the girls were particulary enthused today about the food. None of Daughter #1's favorites were one the carts today, and the level of English comprehension wasn't up to a level where we were successful in describing what she was looking for. Anyway, we followed Dim Sum up with a trip over to the Field Musuem of Natural History. Was again reminded what a great deal those family memberships are ... not only do you get to blow right by the huge line, but you get in to most of the special shows (like this mechanized dinosaur one we did today) for free ... along with free coatcheck and stroller rental. It would have probably cost us $40 today, and I think the membership is only about $60 ... and we get down there at least 4 times a year. It was pouring rain when we got out of the subway, so we ducked into McD's to get the girls some Crappy Meals (wheee ... cool new Spy Kids toys!), and fortunately, the rain pretty much quit while we were in there. Daughter #1 was able to cajole me into carrying her home (about 5 blocks) on my shoulders ... despite the fact I was already pretty foot-sore from the museum. When we got home I laid down and ended up sleeping for a couple of hours (I thought it was more, but The Wife had been through re-setting the clocks while I was napping), Anyway, nothing like STARTING one's work day at about 10pm! I'm really HOPING to have the 2U site up and running before I crash, so I can let folks know that it's at least up tomorrow.

Oh, yeah ... a poem. Wrote this yesterday ... making it 13 poems for the month ... not bad, considering I'd been doing 3-7 poems a month since I started back up. I should have no problem reaching 100 poems for the year if I can keep tihs up. There is a part of me that would LIKE to get back to writing 20-21 pieces a month and having 250 poems to show for it at the end of the year, but I don't want to get into a position of PUSHING myself to write just to meet quotas. After all, it's not like I'm getting PAID for these.

                    ONLY WEAKEST LINKS

                    fortuitous structure
                    still a lie
                    all the acts
                    like running dreams
                    endless striving
                    without result
                    pointless effort
                    going nowhere

                    the layers of purpose
                    slide against intent
                    not enough hours
                    to achieve our goals
                    not enough focus
                    to approach our aims
                    not enough time left
                    to avoid destruction

                    other voices
                    speak within
                    we lose control
                    on even this
                    unable to
                    direct our world
                    unable to
                    redeem ourselves

                    the scent of doom
                    pervasive now
                    hanging in the air
                    tainting every form
                    more looming than
                    the stench of death
                    more filled
                    with lethal promise

                    the cycle drift
                    is maelstrom now
                    dragging universes
                    into its downflow
                    all elements are poisoned here
                    all functions are corrupt
                    we are left without resource
                    stuck in devastation zones

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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