BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OOOH! More fun with Mr. Hoagland!

OOOH, YEAH! Every now and again Richard Hoagland (of, and frequent visits on Art Bell's show) come up with a doozie and this is a good one! Now, I'd seen the pictures of Iapetus (one of Saturn's moons) before, and have discussed (with polaris93 and others) the very odd topography of said moon (note the "seam" right along the equator in the image here), but leave it to Hoagland to come up with the great cognitive leap ... to that it's an ancient SPACE SHIP (a direct quote: "Nothing else makes sense."). Wheee!

So, go off to the article and have a read ... if nothing else, there's lots of pretty pictures! To be fair to Mr. Hoagland, there sure are some fascinating things there ... I keep hoping that one day he'll be proved right as the Universe (and the history of our solar system) sure would be more interesting if they fit into his scenarios!

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