BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Quizzzz ...

Snagged from mightyrighty's journal ...

Your Score:
Your scored 1.5 on the Moral Order axis and -6.5 on the Moral Rules axis.

The following items best match your score:
1. System: Conservatism
2. Variation: Economic Conservatism
3. Ideologies: Conservative NeoLiberalism
4. US Parties: Republican Party
5. Presidents: Ronald Reagan (96.88%)
6. 2004 Election Candidates: George W. Bush (83.17%), John Kerry (71.88%), Ralph Nader (53.12%)

Of the 30283 people who took the test:
1. 0.5% had the same score as you.
2. 82.5% were above you on the chart.
3. 4.1% were below you on the chart.
4. 22.8% were to your right on the chart.
5. 71.2% were to your left on the chart.

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