BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A revelation ...

I was reminded why I was never able to stomach the band Rush. I mean, I really wanted to like Rush, musically they were really cool, but then Geddy Lee opened his screechy nasal mouth and the deal was off the table. Due to us having a rental car this weekend, I've been exposed to a lot of radio, and somehow managed to hear Rush a couple of times while driving around which brought this back to mind.

Now, the above realization is nothing new, I never liked the singing worth shit. What was the eye-opener was the sudden flash of how much Cradle of Filth is like Rush ... both have amazing music totally destroyed by sucks-worse-than-Yoko singing. I mean, come on, did Geddy Lee spawn Dani Filth? Lee's insufferable whine is not far removed from Filth's unlistenable "squeal like a piggy" vocals. What a waste!

I can only imagine a world where somebody like Mick Abrams would have ended up fronting Rush and where somebody like Henry Rollins would have ended up fronting Cradle of Filth (just to pick a couple of names whose careers might have allowed these hook-ups) ... think of what masterpieces 2112 and Dusk And Her Embrace would have been!.

I just hate loving a song through it's instrumental parts and then cringing when the insufferable lead singer kicks in! How depressing.

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