BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Pokemon/eBay ... you missed it, right?

Heh ... well, I haven't bought anything on eBay for quite a while ... but the other night Daughter #1 opened up some packs that I had gotten for her very cheap, and we were thrilled to find a "Charizard ex" card in there. Now, the Charizard cards are typically high value, as are the "ex" cards, so we knew we had a goody there. I went to check my "usual sources", but NONE of them had any in stock (and, unfortunately, if they don't have any, they don't list a price), so I had to go off a-googling to see what I could see. I was amazed to find the only site outright selling one had it for $89.99 (although there were some up on eBay in the mid-40's)!

It is always a gas to get a bunch of cards for pennies on the dollar (in this case I'd gotten her two "decks" and eight booster packs delivered for a total of $8.01 ... with a retail value around $55.00), and to find a "super card" in the mix. Big fun, for sure! I don't know what's been up with eBay (or if it's just me) these past few weeks, but I haven't found anything worth bidding on (or if there was something, it was an isolated card, so the shipping would have made it not worth going for). I know that y'all are just dying for those on-going updates!

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