BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

That "10 Things" meme ...

OK, so a couple of folks actualy wanted to see what I had on my list ... but I'm putting it behind a cut "just because".

I was going to try to put these in chronological order, but things were a bit hazy (I didn't want this to turn into a 3-day project of pulling out old photo binders, etc.) on that level. I initially did this without numbers, but figured I'd "conform" to how this meme's been going around.

1. Took Paul Prudhomme on a whirlwind media spin through Houston "back before he was famous".

2. First experienced the Quechuan entheogen "San Pedro stew" (a mix of San Pedro, Ayahuasca, and various other things cooked down into a "soup") in the middle of the night out on the "needle and thread" figure on the Nazca plain, walking the spiral like a labyrinth.

3. Attended Prasad at the main Hanuman temple at Benares when staying at its guest house (and saw Halley's Comet from its rooftop).

4. In the fortress ruins of Sacsayhuaman, went through a re-birthing ritual and, outside in the middle of a lightning storm, took on "the lineage" of our Quechuan teacher.

5. Had lunch with James Beard in the sunroom off of his kitchen while planning an event we were running at his house.

6. Very nearly died falling off the side of the Runkuracay ruins (looking for a place to take a pee in the morning) while hiking the Inca Trail from Cuzco to Machu Picchu (at the last moment, I was able to grab onto some long grass and pull myself back up).

7. Did "Quechuan white lightning" (a highly concentrated essence of the San Pedro mescaline alkaloids) in one of the Machu Picchu burial caves, in the middle of the night while being eaten alive by hundreds of mosquitos.

8. Had dinner with Julia Child at the home of some mutual friends.

9. Attended a multi-day ritual where the teacher of my teacher took over the headship of his lineage from his late teacher in the "stone forest" plateau of Marcahuasi, 12,000 ft. up in the Andes mountains.

10. Got hit in the head with a bag of sacred stones as part of the "lineage transmission" ritual from the Q'ero elders.

(Sigh ...) I'm not particularly happy with that list, as it IS a bit heavy on my Peruvian experiences, while leaving off whole categories of places and things which could have been listed ... and the "foodie" bits don't seem to play as well as I'd imagined (but they're sort of in response to other peoples' "rock star" stories). Oh well, this list at least is not likely to elicit a lot of "been there, done that" comments!

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