BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Exhausted ...

Spent the past several days getting stuff ready to go out (again) to the counsellors at the various schools in our district ... normally, I'd think of this as "doing a mailing", except that in this case we were hand-delivering them. I got a rental car (actually, a big honking minivan, not by choice) this morning, both to take care of this and our errands tomorrow, and The Wife and I then ran around to a couple of dozen schools with "the loot" (in this case it was a cute little bag with a bag of enough Jolly Ranchers to re-fill the candy jars we'd given them previously, a dozen pens with our logo/info on them, and a bunch of our new promo pieces), as well as at least one plastic display unit per school with the new promo cards. We're both beat, but managed to get to all but one school on our list for today.

Tomorrow Daughter #2 has to go in to the hospital for a bit of surgery. She's had this little growth on her shoulder, and they say it needs to get "dug out", which is going to require putting her under general. Looking at this you wonder why it can't have just be cut off in a simple office visit, but I guess what ever type of thing it is has "roots" that need to be dealt with, and 5-year-olds (especially ours) are not known for their cooperativeness with sharp items, even with good local!

Anyway, #2 loves minivans, so she's happy that we have one for scooting her around tomorrow.

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