BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

so odd ...

That eBay card vendor that I got hellacious loads of cards from a month or so back has the oddest pricing set up running of late ... she'll go back and forth between having a $0.01 starting bid and $0.99 starting bid seemingly at random ... well, not "random", since it's not card-by-card, but blocks of cards ... and they're the SAME "value" cards, just sometimes they start at a penny and sometimes they start at almost a buck (oh, and sometimes they start at 35¢ ... and, looking over her listings, I guess sometimes they even start at $1.50!).

I wonder if she actually sells any that start at 99¢ ... I know that I just scroll past them, athough I have bought a number of cards from her at that 35¢ opening bid (which is just about my "max bid" when I go in on the 1¢ cards). It just seems strange that it's constantly shifting between these opening bids. I should get REAL obsessive-compulsive and chart the pattern (just joking) ... maybe she's hooking them to biorhythms or something!

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