BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Hmmm ...

I'm missing some of the hysteria about this "frienditto" thing, but I think that's because I've never in my five years on L.J. ever locked down a post ... everything's been public. Now, this has created its own "drama" (ala the folks who ended up de-friending and even banning me during the last election cycle!) and I've probably been more open on some things than would be ideal (for instance, I doubt that anybody would hire me to run PR for a left-leaning organization if their due diligence got so far as reading my LJ), but really, what deep dark secrets do people share in their "friends only" posts? It's not like I've read a lot of "hacked Mrs. Hutchison from down the street into little pieces with a shovel, buried most of the pieces behind the big oak, and fed the rest to Bruno" sort of things! Now, sure, I do take the step of not using The Wife's or The Girls' names here (at The Wife's insistance), but most of the stuff that's in "friends only" journals is every bit as banal as what's not locked down ... I've never "gotten" the need to shut out the world.

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