BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Diversity ...

Another thing I meant to post a few days ago and didn't get around to ... we just got the class picture for Daughter #1's 3rd Grade class ... and it is amazing in its "diversity" ... I'm suprised that the Chicago Public Schools don't use her school as the "poster" for the system!

In her class there are ...
          4 White (US-born) kids
          4 Black kids
          3 Hispanic kids
          2 Asian kids
          1 White/Black kid
          2 White/Hispanic kids
          2 White/Asian kids and
          4 Eastern European (White) kids

Of course, this is way off the chart for the school system as a whole (which runs closer to 50% Black, 40% Hispanic and 9% White out of a city population that is 42% White and 37% Black and 26% some sort of Hispanic mix), but it's one of those "We Are The World" pictures that they love to promote. Of course, I probably notice this more having gone to a highschool that was probably 95% White (heck, I don't think we even had a Catholic in our class until 10th Grade), but it is an amazing mix!

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