BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Damn it ...

OK ... so, I'd been picking up a few more 1¢ cards ... mostly ones we "needed" ... I was up to a nice "even figure" between the shipping and the cost of the cards, with just one more card to go to tidy that all up. I had a bid in on one which was closing this evening (all the others had closed previously), and was waiting for that to come in to finally pay for the auctions (the seller lets you combine auctions, saving money on shipping, for up to 14 days) after nearly 2 weeks of picking up a card here and a card there.

So, I'd been looking in at the "My eBay" page on-and-off and was pleased to see that this one reverse holo card (that we didn't have) was still in the "winning" category, at 1¢ ... I checked it with less than a minute to go, and was all set to hit "pay" for the whole block of cards, but when I refreshed the page ... WHERE WAS IT? It was gone from the "bidding" area but wasn't in the "won" area ... what happened? Well, some motherfucker came in over the top of me with only THREE SECONDS left on the auction ... three seconds. Bastard! Now I need to find another 1¢ card to bid on from this seller (and one that we already have, dammit), and just hope that some shithead doesn't come in over the top again.

Sure, I could pay for 24 cards at 39¢ (plus a non-round shipping figure), but I want to pay for 25 cards at 40¢ with a nice round dollar figure for the shipping! Yes, I am an OCD sufferer ... learn to live with it! OOOOOH, I am pissed off right now!

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