BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Finally ...

Whew! That same motherfucker came in over the top of my bid on the card I bid on to replace the one he'd grabbed with 3 seconds left ... fortunately, I'd pulled up a "backup" and had that ready (with about 8 minutes left) to shoot a bid in on. I don't know what this guy's deal was ... he didn't seem to be bidding on anything with NO bids, only on stuff that had already been bid on, which really doesn't make much sense. I did check his comments, and it appears that he's another of those "banes of my eBay existence", a foreign card dealer ... based out of Sheffield, England. I hadn't hit one of these guys in a while (and it just kills me when I do, since they can pretty much bid "U.S. retail" and still make money on the cards they're getting!) and I'm lucky to get a card "out from under him". As it was the card I won was worth more than either of the ones he beat me on, so that's a small victory, but (needless to say) I would have been MUCH happier getting one of the cards we didn't already have! (sigh) Well, at least now I can pay for these at nice round numbers!

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