BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

yesterday ...

Well, since we had the car (actually an XTerra SUV) over the weekend, The Wife decided that we'd go on a bit of a shopping expedition. None of the "good" cheap stores are anywhere near us in the city, and so we headed off south-west to get to North Riverside where there's a Burlington Coat Factory in the mall. It is amazing how cheap the stuff there is ... both of the The Girls got "spring jackets" for under $15 each, a feat possible at Marshalls or Filenes' Basement, but involving much more "hunting". As you no doubt have guessed from the graphic, we were then off to see Robots, as we had some other stops to make (up in the "Clybourn corridor"), I got the show times for the Webster Place theaters and we ran up that way ... having a late lunch at the Mitchell's at Clybourn and Armitage. We still had time to kill, so we dropped off the stuff we'd brought for the Salvation Army, put the car in the (FREE PARKING!) garage of the theater, and then, after picking up our tickets, did the last few errands (I was putting up tear-off signs for the biz a few places) on foot.

Robots was OK ... The Wife and The Girls enjoyed it a whole lot more than I did, I think. I'm not exactly sure why, though ... it was well enough done and all ... it just seemed to lack something. It seemed to progress like reading a comic ... scene to scene like reading panel to panel, with a lot of stuff just left for the viewer to fill in ... not that this is necessarily a bad thing, it just made it hard to fully connect with the characters. Now, I'm not asking for extensive linking scenes (ala some episodes of Samurai Jack where you follow him on long journeys with not much but the travelling happening), but there was a lot of "oh, now they're here" moments without much "developmental" context. On the other hand, it might just have been ME ... I've been in a bit of a funk lately, not sleeping particularly well, and having "moments" (I broke down crying on the drive home last night for reasons that I would rather not go into detail on here ... but it's due to "stuff" that's probably been buried in my head for 30 years or more), so my perception of the movie could well have been through rather twisted inner filters.

Had one other errand to do last night, at Daughter #2's daycare they were looking for magazines for the kids to use to cut out pictures ... over the past year I've been sorting through my Mom's mail and putting all her magazines in Post Office bins, figuring I could find "something to do with them", having the big car made it easy to drag those down from my Mom's place, and then deliver them to the school this morning. I'm sure my Mom would be happy knowing her unread copies of Wine Spectator would be helpful to her granddaughter's kindergarten!

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