BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Why I get my daughter's Pokemon cards on eBay ...

I was over at Walgreens this morning and noticed that they had the new Pokemon Deoxys set in ... I had a fleeting thought of picking up a pack, but they were $4.49 each ... that's for a pack of nine cards! Fifty cents a piece ... yikes! On eBay, if I'm picking up "general cards", I really try to not spend more that 3¢ each! Now, admittedly, each pack comes with one Rare card ("worth" around $2.00) and one Holo card ("worth" from $2-$8, or upwards depending on the rarity) along with a mix of Common and Uncommon cards, but it's mighty hard to fork out that kind of change for nine pieces of printed cardboard!

Frankly, I've gotten the past several sets through deals where a card dealer is essentially "dumping" their extra non-holo cards (the dealers typically buy dozens of cases of the cards and sort through them for the holos to be sold at the "retail" pricing, leaving them with hundreds of the common/uncommon cards) and can frequently get the a whole set of non-holo cards for ten bucks or so (in fact, I just put a bid in for one of these auctions for all 80 of the non-holo Deoxys cards). Of course, this leaves me looking for 1¢ deals to fill in the Holos and Reverse Holos, but it sure feels better than "paying retail"!

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