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an update ...

Wow ... another weekend gone, eh? I was really pissed that we managed to miss taking The Girls to either their Friday Night or Saturday Dojo classes ... it was "my bad" on Friday, as I'd forgotten that to make a 4:45 class work, I needed to pick up Daughter #2 first, right after her nap, and then swing back down to get Daughter #1 when she gets out of school at 3:30 (or, more realistically, 3:45). I had been running on "normal schedule" (when I get #1 and then eventually get #2) and realized when I got #1 that we didn't have enough time to go collect #2, get to the El, and still make it to class in time (it takes somewhere between 45 minutes and an hour to get from down here to there, with assorted variables making it hard to predict ... we need to walk as many as 5 blocks to the El, wait for the Red Line, take that up to Fullerton or Belmont, then wait for the Brown Line and take it up to Western ... the Brown Line portion of that, from Fullerton to Western, is about 20 minutes, so everything gets tacked on to that).

On Saturday, Daughter #2 had a birthday party (a "group party" for three of her friends) to go to, and The Wife "negotiated" my taking her to that, promising that she'd take Daughter #1 to Dojo. Of course, when we got back from the party, I discover that the Dojo stuff has not budged from its place in the hall (including all the monthly paperwork that #1 needed to submit in order to get promoted). I guess if The Girls are ever going to make it to classes, I'm going to have to take them, since it's always "too much bother" for The Wife to get them moibilized and out of the house! Fortunately, I was able to fax in #1's reports, but I'm thinking she probably still won't have enough classes done to get promoted at this point.

The next couple of weeks are going to be "interesting" ... for all of their "oh, we're open when the public schools are open and closed when they're closed" blather, Daughter #2's daycare for some reason decided to make their spring break the week AFTER Daughter #1's spring break ... which means that we have one kid home all week for two weeks. The Wife is also hell bent on our going out of town next weekend, and I'm sure it will be MY fault if this inconveniences her at the last minute. We still don't have a solid itinerary (we're planning on being at an indoor waterpark in the Dells on Saturday and Sunday), as nothing that I came up with "would do", yet everything she's wanting to set up is not in season yet! Bleh. The last time we went up to the Dells it was hell because she didn't like anything I'd set up and then she went and spent twice what we'd budgeted ... which was, of course, within a week MY FAULT. You would think that for all the bitching about us not having enough business yet, not enough cashflow, that we'd NOT GO ON A FUCKING VACATION ... but that doesn't seem to be an option. Bleh.

Anyway, I think I have "negotiated" a couple hours out of each day this upcoming week with Daugther #1 to help me get stuff out of my Mom's place and over to storage. It takes about 45 minutes round-trip and we have a ton of stuff ready to schlep there. Depending on how I hold up, we might be able to run three sets of things over per day, which would at least move most of the already-packed boxes out of there.

Since I'm in the middle of a bitch-fest in here ... WHY does anybody personally care about the Terri Schiavo case? I get so sick of hearing about this sort of crap on TV and in L.J. ... the damn Media picks up on something like this (in the "if it bleeds - it leads" mode) and everybody starts getting their panties in a knot one way or the other. It's not you, OK? It's not anybody you know. You don't have the facts, you don't have the access, it's NOT YOUR BUSINESS. Now, I'm not saying this to anybody in particular ... but to the world in general. I feel this way every time the media gets its hooks into one of these sob stories ... yes, BAD THINGS HAPPEN ... but when they're not happening to you and yours, why do you involve yourself in it? I don't get it ... but then again, I regularly don't get why people get all emotionally involved in shit they see on TV ... hey, people die all the time, people get murdered every day, horrible people are out there ... be AWARE of this and try to avoid having it effect your life! I guess it's why I don't get "reality TV" ... who cares? Who CARES? Why should anybody care what yahoo gets voted off what show? Why would anybody want to watch this stuff? Does this all stem from the O.J. thing? Messy murder ... live car chase ... televised trial? I think that's when this all got mixed up, entertainment / news / involvement. I mean, is something wrong with ME? I am shocked when I see people wear Star Trek uniforms in public (as I was amazed that anybody would dress up for "M.A.S.H. Parties" back in the day). Don't people have their OWN lives? Does the outcome of a TV show really effect your life in the slightest bit? C'mon ... say the mantra: "THE T.V. IS NOT ME ... THIS SHOW IS NOT MY LIFE"

bleh ...

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