BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

ouch ...

I ended up going to bed relatively early last night and got up about 5:30 to work on the computer ... I was fine then, but got tired again around 6:30 and went back to sleep ... when I woke up I had the worst sinus headache, which progressed into a pretty reasonable approximation of a migraine by mid-day (it wasn't quite there as I didn't have the light sensitivity and nausea going, but I was a mess).

Needless to say, I barely got anything done (despite having various plans), and even crawled back into bed for two hours to see if a fistfull of Excedrin would help (it did, to some extent). By evening I was OK enough to take The Girls up to Dojo, which was helped along by The Wife having a rental car on hand from her meeting this afternoon. I just got back, and while I'm not 100%, I'm in a lot better condition that I've been since 7am!

Oh, you know that eBay guy I wrote about a few days back ... I ended up complaining to eBay, which I guess got him going, today I got a check for the amount I'd sent via PayPal and a pack of the new Deoxys set of Pokemon cards ... which it's not the "hundreds of cards" he was auctioning, it's enough that I've "called off the dogs". This was the first we've seen of the Deoxys cards, so Daughter #1 was happy.

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