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Vehicle ...

Well, since Enterprise gave The Wife a big brand new Dodge van of some sort yesterday, I took advantage of that by dragging Daughter #1 out with me this morning to go over to my Mom's place. We had planned to have made a couple of on-foot round trips between there and the storage locker each day this week, but didn't get there yesterday because of my head exploding, and it wasn't looking good for today, since #2 had wheedled her way into staying home. However, #1 and I were able to get the van over there, put it on blinkers in a tow zone at the end of my Mom's building's driveway, and bring two luggage cart loads down the service elevator, 18 boxes in all. I was especially happy to have a car for 9 of those, as they had the parts of my Mom's library that we were keeping, and some of those were heavy! Since we were short of time (the car had to be back by 10:15, and we didn't get out of the house until 8:45) we didn't get into "oh, we could take this too", and only grabbed things that I'd already boxed up. We scooted over to the Public Storage place, hocked my drivers license for a key for one of their carts, unloaded the van, ran the stuff up to the locker, got the boxes "filed" in there (I'm letting my OCD out in organizing the storage space), retrieved my drivers license, and got the van back to the rental place with five whole minutes to spare.

Of course, due to the heavy lifting and time pressure, I felt like I'd done a full day's work before I hit my desk at 10:30. I'm sure I'm going to be progressively more sore as the day goes along, too, but we managed to get six exhausting 45-minute 3-box "cart runs" on foot taken care of in one van run. My feet rejoice! I guess I'll talk #1 into doing some packing later this week, since we've gotten the first three days worth of projects done at this point.

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