BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

whoa ...

Well, that was freaky ... I was in the middle of replying to an e-mail in AOL's mail, and had just copied something from a in-line part of the previous e-mail I was responding to, and instead of pasting the phrase where I wanted it in the e-mail, it launched the Visual C++ Debugger screen! I've never had this self-launch, although I've had much amusement since I've had Visual C++ on my system that the "such-and-such has performed an illegal operation" pop-up things now ask if I want to de-bug them (thanks, but I think I'll let AOL's folks, or WordPerfect's folks, or Netscape's folks, do their OWN debugging!).

Of course, I'm royally pissed because when I shut down the de-bugger, it shut down AOL, and I lost about a half hour of work. Bleh. Now I need to go find that stuff and start over.

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